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Light and Matter

Matter appears solid but in reality it is not. It consists of atoms that are composed of protons and electrons which are in continuous motion. These are held together by electro – magnetic forces. Thus matter is composed of minute electric positive and negative forces held together by the invisible universal element called ether. The ether is an omnipresent cosmic substance filling entire space and is the medium by which all physical etheric forces contact the earth and ourselves. The vibrations of the ether are many and varied. Some of them are light, heat, colour, electricity, etc., Ether is the great connecting link between the physical senses and the higher cosmic forces.


There are certain laws in the universe that repeat themselves on many levels. Because each person is a smaller model of the universe – a microcosm in a macrocosm made out of the same materials and governed by the same laws – it is important and necessary to understand two great cosmic laws: the Law of Three and the Law of Seven.

The Law of Three: All phenomena in every scale are the result of the meeting and the interaction of three principles or forces. According to Gurdjieff’s teaching, nothing can happen without the interaction of a third principle of force. This same idea – that three forces are necessary for anything new to happen – was also found in many ancient teachings such as the original Christian doctrine of trinity; the Hindu teaching about the creation of the universe – from Brahman (the Absolute) arose Ishwara (the Creator), and through the joint action of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva (the three different aspects of Ishwara) everything that exists was produced; the Sankhya doctrine of the three gunas: Rajas, Tamas, Sattva. According to the Sankhya philosophy, different combinations of these three principles, each with its characteristic quality, accounted for everything existing in the phenomenal world. Gurdjieff called these three forces active, passive and neutralizing.

The Law of Seven: Seven is the principal number of the planet Earth. It denotes transmutation: four (matter) + three (spirit). Their blending attains the supreme goal of human evolution. The Law of Octaves is an example of this manifestation. The Egyptian priests left manuscripts showing their system of colour science. They applied the law of correspondence between the seven – fold nature of man and the seven – fold division of the solar system. They taught that red, yellow, and blue corresponded to body, soul and spirit. It is a good classification which has been enlarged upon. They had certain colour halls in their temples where the effects of colour vibrations were studied and applied. The masses were not taught the full esoteric doctrine of light and color, but were given as much as they could assimilate. The Indian and Chinese mystics also had knowledge of colour in their secret doctrines. A list of the seven major rays is shown below.