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When Logics Fail, Wisdom Prevails

With the divine gift and grace from his Himalayan Master, SadGuru Mahavatar Babaji, Dr. N Rajgopal’s specific remedies have solved several deep rooted problems and changed the lives of many. Every individual is unique in this Universe having born at a chosen time, when the celestial rays are in harmony with his / her individual Karma of unalterable past and probable future results. Therefore, the case cannot be interpreted by a mere computer or so called experts in Astrology or other Sciences, but only by a few men of Wisdom. Such men can precisely detect the planetary and other afflictions, deficiency, doshas or colour hunger of the concerned persons without the aid of Horoscope and also provide suitable solutions. Hence, one who could detect the root cause of the problems alone can give you sure Solutions for better Life journey. MindScope  is a time tested Solutions provider.