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Manglik Dosh, Kuja Dosha, Angaraka Dosha, Chevvai Dosham are the names given toKuja Dosha, which is also popularly known as Sumangalika Dosha. It is another great misconceived subject in Astrology. It is feared that position of Mars in 1, 2, 4, 7, 8 and 12 from Lagna, Moon or Shukra is supposed to cause widowhood or widower hood. In reality, it is not the case. Based on this misconception, many horoscopes are being discarded for marriage alliance. What is really to be checked in a horoscope is the longevity of the other person i.e., if bride, check the longevity of Groom or vice versa. What many pseudo Astrologers do is they search for an existence of similar dosha in other’s Horoscope. They give out a lame and poor argument that if similar dosha exists in the opposite prospective groom or bride, then it can counteract the so called Kuja Dosha. Merely because Kuja is present in the above mentioned houses, one cannot mark the case as Manglik dosh.


Many places the parents approach a nearby temple priest for considering the horoscope matching of their son or daughter. Most of the temple priests have just a basic academic qualification or they are school drop-outs. But they are well versed in by-hearted Vedic recitations and ritual renderings, including the names of Days, Week, Month, Stars, Seasons which are Thithi, Vaara, Nakshatra, Yoga and Karna in addition to Ritu, Paksha, Samvasthra etc. These are part of Panchanga, which are required for the day-to-day rituals and performance of Poojas in the temple. These temple priests also take-up rituals related to occasional Poojas, Childbirth, Annual ceremony, Festival Poojas etc., of regular visitors to temples. Slowly they gain influence with such families and become regular pundits for the family and their circle.


These types of half knowledge priests, with such by-hearted verses, guide the parents on horoscope reading and advice, which is borne out of their ignorance. It is nothing but grave misguidance. In some cases, they also approve the marriage just to boost the image of one of the parent, who has already decided the marriage proposal for various obvious social and personal reasons. There are several such marriages, conducted based on these pseudo experts, which have not only taken marriage to turmoil but the entire life of the concerned couples have been damaged beyond repairs.


Astrology is not an easy science to understand or handle to guide the people, in taking critical decision on life, cannot be taken playful or lightly. To learn Astrology, one has to have basic mathematical knowledge and learn it from experts. Years of practice and practical exposure of handling several cases and understanding the intricacies of delineating the horoscopes is a must before venturing into critical advisory services. Also mere theory would not make a person best Astrologer. Besides all these, the person shall have divine will and be blessed with the grace of God. He or she must be filled with Wisdom. Then only he or she can render flawless guidance to the seeker.


Dr. N Rajgopal’s ancestors were the Royal Jyotishas for Tanjore Maharaja and his samasthana. Although he served in private companies; MNCs and big corporate houses holding a variety of middle level and senior positions, Dr. N Rajgopal hails from an Orthodox and Jyotisha background. Having authored books on taxation and general topics, he has been teaching Management, Taxation, HR etc. at various forums. His late Shri D Nagarajan was a devout follower of Jyotisha and had a good following in the family circle. With a sudden spiritual encounter with SadGuru Mahavatar Babaji, Dr. N Rajgopal was enlightened about his path to help people who are in struggle and who approach him. Dr. N Rajgopal was graced by Babaji with special MindScope reading into the problematic areas of life people who come to seek his guidance.


As planet Mars who is responsible for causing Manglik Dosha is portrayed as young, fast and fiery; the so called Manglik Dosha itself become ineffective after the age of 27 years of the native. But the fear created is such that the marriage is rejected on this flimsy ground, which results in the boy or the girl made to remain unmarried for years or till they lose their prime age of marriage.


In Astrology, there are over fifteen specific principles cancelling the dreaded Manglik Dosh itself or making it null and void. Dr. N Rajgopal brings clarity about existence or otherwise of such feared Mangalik Dosha just through the photo of the native. Besides he provides speciality Astrological services, including providing specially selected Gemstones through The selected Gemstones not only remove the unwanted fear and hurdles in the marriage, but also help quick formation of happy family.