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marriage astrology

Marriage Astrology

In Marriage Astrology, matching of the horoscope of the girl and the boy is done before the marriage is approved, accepted and conducted. As per the dictum there should be compatibility with at least 10 rules out of 23 matching conditions, which are of paramount importance. There is flexibility in the matching also. Under the Koota or Aamukoolya, even if six matching principles are satisfied, the marriage could be conducted and the couple could lead good harmonious married life with mutual understanding. These arrangements are not mere fictitious or superstitious considerations. The specified parameters elaborately deal with vital aspects of life such as mutual and mental affinity, physical features, age, gothra, yoni, etc., of male as well as the prospective female under consideration. 

There are several combination of planets described for wedding together of a male and female like the seventh lord placed in the eighth house and aspected by a malefic planet; the eleventh house is occupied by a afflicted Mars and Rahu; if the planet Moon is placed opposite to Venus, Mercury; eighth house planet is in the fifth house; the eight house planet is in seventh house and Mars is afflicted in lagna etc., and the combinations go on and on. There are also certain planetary combinations indicating marriage getting terminated at an early age, the second marriage becoming miserable and the third marriage happening after a long gap of time.

The Astrological rules specifically mention that beyond the compatibility or a mere Koota principles, there are certain other criteria to be considered; like Jupiter and Mars shall not be in the same sapthamsa; Mars, Venus and Jupiter shall not be related or posited in Kendra from each other. Saturn and Venus shall not occupy 6/8 or 2/12 position etc., Astrological principles also throws guidance to us on certain sensitive points in a horoscopes calculated by combining the longitude of different planets and houses called “Arabian Points”. Extensive discussions are there and considered for a divorce or unpleasantness in the marriage between the couples with certain planetary combinations like “If in a female horoscope the seventh house is placed within the first 10 degrees from the planet Mars, the marital life will be disturbed and there could be lack of harmony”. Similarly, “In a male horoscope, if the planet Moon or Venus is posited within 10 degree from Rahu of female’s horoscope, there could be separation or divorce”. 

Marriage Astrological treaties also bear torch on happiness of couples after the marriage, in cases where the planet Venus is placed in 3rd, 6th or 10th in their own or exalted house, between the couple after the marriage, there will be happiness in abundance. Similarly, the timing of marriage, divorce, remarriage, child birth or childlessness or duration of childlessness, death of one of the partner etc., is discussed in detail.

But the point is, in a busy world, driven by time and stress; many have no time or patience to listen to the Astrologers. Even if someone is ready to listen, many Astrologers have become flying experts, who have time only for frequent travels and appearing on TV channels. What kind of justice can be delivered or expected from such pseudo experts is left to one’s own imagination and judgement. In an era driven by internet and online bride or groom selection through mobile, palmtop, laptop, without one to one contact, lack of knowing of each other, placing attractive studio morphed photos on the screen etc., blind the prospective grooms and brides, in selecting the best or suitable match for one another. Parents have very little say in selecting the partner for their children. In many cases, lack of faith or trust or basic knowledge in Marriage Astrology requirements and radical thinking leads the native to a dark future due to erratic selection of the partner. Quite a number of marriages have been seen broken; courts and counselling centres are filled with divorce cases. With this pathetic situation and reality, not only the native’s future is in question, but the children born out of these couples also bear the brunt of losing the love and affection due from such broken family and lose the parental love of at least one parent.

This situation can certainly be improved. Happy living conditions of post marital life can also be certainly ensured with a little interest on the part of the native. Simultaneously the native must approach the best astrologer and repose trust on him. The guidance from such best astrologer can go a long way in building a happy family.

When it comes to Marriage Astrology, the intricacies of a true horoscope cannot be delineated by many expert Astrologers. With the help of MindScope Dr. N Rajgopal reveals many such vital points through the touch of a photograph of the person. Although Dr. N Rajgopal is well qualified in various fields and also holds a Master’s degree in Astrology, he does MindScope with a divine touch, which makes him a highly successful and a proficient Marriage Astrologer knowing all the integral part of this complex Science called Astrology.  Hence, one has to understand and appreciate that MindScope has so much deep insight that it makes the concept of date, time, and place of birth or Rashi, Nakshatra and horoscopes irrelevant for application to practical purpose. All one needs is to come with a passport photo, the real questions bothering them and be open to follow the guidance in letter and spirit. 

One has to accept the fact that the theory would remain in books, while Wisdom would take one to the Peak. In this connection, over the last 37 plus years, MindScope Special Astrologer Dr. N Rajgopal, who has continuous success with divine grace from Mahavatar Babaji, has saved many families from breaking up and is also well-known for checking compatibility for marriage between couples. His method of checking compatibility and also for remedial measures for marital discords through the person’s photo has brought many individuals from miserable position of suffering to contentment.

Variety of people carrying complicated personal issues like marriage delays, fear of no marriage situation, broken marriage, threat of divorce, broken love, post marital problems, remarriage, issues from pre-marriage affairs, problems from or through in-laws, frequent miscarriages, loss of children, no progeny for long years etc., come to him. Each one of them goes with full satisfaction of having received positive solution from their problem. Thus Dr. N Rajgopal stands as an authentic Top Astrologer of India.

Over the years, Dr. N Rajgopal has helped many persons around the world, cutting across nationality, religion, and faith or language barriers by providing suitable unique MindScope remedies and the right Gemstone selected based on their colour needs. He rightly says that to start with one must wears a Gemstone selected through MindScope as a Life Solution. This will be the beginning to ensure a happy married life, for growth, prosperity and peace of mind.