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MindScope   is a great gift from Babaji to Dr. N Rajgopal

Astrology and the allied Occult Sciences have been fast making a comeback and the masses are making a beeline towards Astrologers like never before. It is also a feast day for quacks and the like, who, though they do not know a wee-bit of Astrology fleece the innocent public who flock to them. Just as a good physician is needed to treat and cure the disease, a good Astrologer is needed to unravel the past Karmas done by an individual, which is said to be generally indicated in the native’s true horoscope. It is well accepted in Astrological parlance that some portion of these past karmas or deeds is experienced by individuals in the present incarnation as “set-backs”. Even though its total annihilation and obliteration is too difficult, its adverse effects could be greatly mitigated by suitable expiatory rites, remedies, and well selected Gemstones.

In this context, Dr. N Rajgopal has established a system called MindScope   under which he is blessed to get revelations from the immortal Himalayan Master SadGuru Mahavatar Babaji. He gets answers for various queries of the affected people. Just based on the photograph of the concerned person, he feels the experience of Babaji’s guidance. Even before studying the horoscope or knowing any details of the concerned person, Dr. N Rajgopal is able to mark the afflicted areas including the planets. All afflictions are precisely identified and suitable combined remedies are given in the form of Yantras, Mantras, Tavis, and Gemstones and other innumerable spiritual articles and methods. With this method, innumerable people have been benefited over the years and Dr. N. Rajgopal commands a success rate of almost 100% with all the clients being happy in one way or the other.

Satisfy the law of nature - Do not discredit the Omnipotence.....

It is said that all ills arise from some transgression of universal law. The scriptures say that man must satisfy the law of nature and shall not discredit the Omnipotence. He should plead with the lord with utmost trust and say O lord, I trust you. On my part, besides seeking favours from you, I too will do my best to undo any wrong that I may have done. Some ways through which the adverse effects of past wrongs can be minimized or nullified are by Prayer, by Will Power, by Yoga and Meditation, Charity, Sharing pain and gain with others, by Consultation with Saints, True Guides, by seeking proper Astrological remedies and wearing of Gemstones.

When the so called bad Karmas taunt us, it brings untold pain and misery on the native. Under the doctrine of Bhoga Yoni the individuals are born primarily to reap the consequences of their earlier karmas of pleasure as well as sorrow. But owing to colour inequilibrium, we fail to experience the pleasure part while bad effects or sorrows are prominently present. Our observations show that the Gemstones are one of the easiest way by which the thirst of colour hunger can be quenched. The Gemstones transform the so called energies of pain, sorrow or misery into pleasure, comfort, happiness etc in the whole being of the individual.Thus, wearing a Gemstone is one of the easiest ways of washing the Karmas and adding fortunes to life. By wearing a Gemstone one need not follow and practice any ritual, religion, scriptures, procedures or systems. Do’s and Don’ts are very limited in wearing a Gemstones, but the results are fast and the depleted energy is self replenished perennially.