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Natural Gemstone - S2

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Natural Gemstone - S2

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Natural Gemstone - S2


Any one good quality Jyotish / Astro Compatible Gemstone Matching Your vibration, suiting your specific colour needs and well selected by World renowned MindScope will be sent you.
Important Note

Apart from technical factors like Refractive Indices, Birefringence, Optic Character / Sign, Hardness, Specific Gravity, Crystal system, Habit, Lustre, Colour Range, Pleochroism, Cleavage, Fracture, Dispersion, Transparency, Class etc., a Gemstone must pass through the matching vibrations between the Person wearing the Gemstone and the Gemstone itself.
Benefit of Selection

Gemstones are (and to be) selected based on the Colour hunger of a particular person and not based on Rashi or Stars, as is widely believed and practiced. As per our past experience, the Gemstone selected based on the respective customers’ vibration, matching with the need of his or her colour hunger, aspirations and dreams have produced Successful results. A Gemstone selected through MindScope is accurate and relevant to enrich the value and bring benefits to the wearer.