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Curative and Mystical Power of Gemstones

SL No.NamePower of Gemstones
1. Agate Brings Luck to agriculturist, Health and Peace
2. Alexandrite Wealth, Authority, Luck
3. Amber As Pendant it wards off infection and diseases
4. Amethyst Quartz Increases Love and Affection
5. Aquamarine Sailors are protected, protects spouse
6. Blue Sapphire Longevity, Gain from masses
7. Blood Stone For men only- Courage, stops bleeding
8. Carnelian Good Fortune, increases Longevity
9. Cat’s Eye Protects against evil spirits, evil eye and helps Spiritual growth
10. Citrine Quartz Good Sleep, Fear vanishes, Speech flow improves
11. Coral Lucky for married women, Courage and Wealth for men
12. Diamond Protection on the Warfield
13. Emerald Brings Luck if received as gift from lovers
14. Garnet Wealth, Money flow
15. Gomed Honour, Wealth, Strength
16. Jade (Jadeite) Gives extra Spiritual Powers, Increasing Haemoglobin
17. Jasper Quartz Brings Firmness of mind
18. Labradorite Success in Undertakings
19. Lapis Lazuli Protection from evil spirits and Fear of death
20. Moon stone Peace to worried mind, Protection to travellers
21. Onyx Gives conjugal fidelity
22. Opal Strength, Self-confidence
23. Pearl Keeps in optimum Temperament
24. Peridot Wealth  
25. Ruby Drives away fear of ghosts and sadness
26. Sapphire Corundum Everlasting Luck
27. SunStone or Heliolite Authority
28. Tiger's Eye Self-confidence, removes Fear
29. Topaz Good friendship and fidelity, Wealth, Control of Diabetes and Blood pressure
30. Tourmaline Wealth
31. Turquoise If given with love can bring good Fortune leading to Happiness. Good for Traders, Riders, Adventurers
32. Yellow Sapphire Wisdom, Love and Friendship
33. Zircon Wisdom, Joy, Cures eye problems, gives all Comforts