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The Principle of Hot and Cold

  • The seven cosmic colours generally belong to two classes, HOT and COLD. All male planets and their cosmic colours are hot in nature. All female planets and their cosmic colours are cold cosmic forces.
  • The male planets are Sun, Mars and Jupiter and their colours Red, Yellow and Blue are the hot forces of nature.
  • The female planets are Moon, Mercury, Venus and Saturn and their cosmic colours Orange, Green, Indigo and Violet are the cold forces of nature.

The above facts are just a gist for understanding. Much more can be explored from the mines of cosmic divinity. It broadly shows the importance of the Rainbow in our daily life.

Unfortunately, those who have experienced its importance, benefits, mysterious healing powers, life enhancing miracles etc., do not share with others for fear of being labeled as a superstitious personality or do not want to ascribe their success to a mere tiny Gemstone, but at the same time they cannot dispense with the Gemstone they are wearing. However, it is an undeniable fact that the importance of Gemstones is felt in all departments of life, by all sections of people at all times in all countries irrespective of their religion, cast, creed, language, race, colour, nationality or higher or lower strata. The ruler, the ruled; the kings or queens; the professionals or the layman; believers or non believers; the radicals or extremists, no one can be found as exception.

Fortunately the most revered authors like Dr. Benoytosh Bhattacharya, Dr. A.K Bhattacharya have made much contribution to enlighten the mass to this all-important symbol of God Almighty. It is through them these facts are reborn and accepted by the masses. The whole world owes a lot to these great souls.

In the days to come, new studies on the Rainbow will throw up new challenges and open-up a new vista of research. It will surely involve scientists, scholars, and philosophers for centuries to come for the incalculable benefit of mankind.

Gemstones can play a major role as Life Solutions for humanity.....

The hot and cold forces of nature are there in the seven colours of the Rainbow, and it is desirable that we should be able to generate these colours artificially and transmit them to afflicted or affected persons in order to make them well. Here the Gemstones can play a major role as Life Solutions for humanity.

For example, we have tested, experimented and are convinced that if a person has high fever, it indicates lack or hunger of cold, and if at that time cold forces can be radiated to him or administered to him in the form of medicines, Gemstone, coloured water etc., the hunger will cease and the patient will be well. Like everything else in the world fever also has its origin in the seven colours of the Rainbow and its antidote is to be sought from among the same cosmic colours, because whenever there is manifestation it must be in essence a condensation of cosmic colours. The hot cosmic colours will produce heat, while the cold cosmic colours will counteract that heat. When both hot and cold are to be counteracted as in Sannipata (simultaneous derangement of the three doshas) all the seven colours must be exhibited.

Once there is imbalance of colours, a person lacks vitality to keep him or her active in life leading to loss or failures in most of their attempts. Lack of energy manifests and the life journey nose dives. Though opportunities are aplenty they cannot explore or even when explored they meet with several failures.

Now an important question arises as to how to find out where and how the cosmic colours are to be found in abundance so that they may be gathered and put to use as Life Solutions for human beings.

The storehouse of cosmic colours is to be found in the planetary and other Gemstones. The Gemstones are nothing but MINES of COSMIC RAYS and they can supply the needed cosmic colours perennially. However, many people’s thinking about Gemstones is like a blind man thinking about light and Colours.

The Gemstones can be made to yield their valuable colour contents in various ways. They can be burnt and turned into ashes (Bhasmas), and in this form can be administered to patients who have taken to illness.

Likewise the Gemstones, with the help of alcohol, with specific procedures for specified days turn into powerful Gem medicines, which can be administered to sick persons.

Yet another way in which Gemstones can be made to yield their valuable colour contents is through distant healing.

In a similar way, the cosmic colours can also be broadcast to either the healthy or the sick person by vibrating the Gemstones at very high frequency

Of course, all these methods work for a limited period of time or till the disease is cured; or its effects gone once the transmission is stopped.

The most powerful method is of wearing a Gemstone as a Ring.....

Similarly and yet another powerful method is of prescribing a Gemstone, which has the colour that is lacked by the person in a proportion or need based requirement, to be worn as a ring or as a pendant.

One of the astonishing facts is that it is the nature of the seven colours of the Rainbow to travel with speed to any desired distance as soon as they are generated. They recognize the person wearing the ring with a specific Gemstone travel towards them and envelope them with the rays. Though it is small in size, the Gemstone release torrents of cosmic colours and every Gemstone does it throughout it’s’ life.

Here the selection of the Gemstone for a particular person plays a crucial role if it has to yield the desired results. For example, if a person is lacking colour red, any Ruby Gemstone will not yield the auspicious results. It is here that the guidance of MindScope is of paramount importance. The MindScope can suggest and select a specific Gemstone amongst various Gemstones available. The selected Gemstone is then embedded into a finger ring or locket. Once, in this way, a right Gemstone is selected and worn in the specified finger or around the neck, the wearer would experience the flow of positive life force around him or her. The positive flow of life force again happens through colours, by quenching the so called colour hunger and achieving the required equilibrium of cosmic colours in and around the person.

Once this happens, the person rejuvenates himself or herself and embarks on a successful journey in various fields, like personal life, business, profession, education, health, politics, cinema, media, wealth building, finding peace and harmony, relationship, sports, etc.,

In short once the right Gemstone is identified and the colour hunger is quenched by the use of the selected Gemstone, several negatives turns into positives.

The advantage of using a Gemstone in the form of finger ring is that it is a storehouse of cosmic colours representing the planets. The Gemstones are nothing but mines of cosmic rays and they can supply the needed cosmic colours perennially to the concerned person.

Those who understand these facts will surely make use of this opportunity and make life for better in this birth by the use of MindScope selected Gemstone with its great reservoir of power. It is our endeavour to place the significance of the great value of the divine symbol of the Rainbow.