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  1. We at wish to add value to the Life of every customer
  2. We wish to achieve this aim through natural Gemstones, which is unique in itself.
  3. Let us practically understand certain facts.
  4. Life without colours would be dark or there would not be Life at all.
  5. The seven planets are condensations of the seven Rainbow Colours.
  6. Each planet originates from a specific Cosmic Colour seen in the Rainbow.
  7. Gemstones or its substitutes also represent seven Rainbow Colours individually.
  8. Gemstones can release torrents of Coloured Rays when rotated or vibrated.
  9. A Gemstone is not an ordinary stone, but a storehouse of Cosmic Colour Rays.
  10. Just by receiving 3% of the Sunlight, the Moon reflects to light-up our night sky.
  11. Similarly, Gemstones absorb and emit different Cosmic Colours to the wearer.
  12. A Gemstone remains a perennial source of power to the person wearing it.
  13. Anyone can make use of the Gemstone’s power for attaining Success in Life.
  14. Every piece of Gemstone that leaves would enrich the wearer.
  15. Value addition to customers comes with QUAD Protection & Support.
  16. Wearing a Gemstone is one of the easiest ways of inviting fortunes to Life.
  17. By wearing a Gemstone one need not follow or practice any ritual or religion.
  18. Through Gemstones positive results are obtained perennially.
  19. By wearing a suitable Gemstone one is able to achieve success in various fields.
  20. A Gemstone suitable for one person may or may not suit another.
  21. Rashi / Stars based Gemstones are widely believed and blindly practiced.
  22. Most of the Gemstones in the market are prescribed based on this crude theory.
  23. Such selections are crude method and do not pass the required criteria.
  24. The suitability of the Gemstones is of more paramount importance than its cost.
  25. Gemstones are to be selected based on the colour hunger of a particular person.
  26. It is to be borne in mind that an unsuitable Gemstone is just a fancy ornament.
  27. It would not produce any positive / auspicious results or benefit the wearer.
  28. The selection is aimed at bringing equilibrium leading to success of the wearer.
  29. Selecting a Gemstone from amongst the heap of stocks is a complex issue.
  30. Wrong selections through short cut methods would not help the wearer in any way.
  31. A Gemstone selected through "MindScope" takes care of these lacunae.
  32. Technical factors apart, each Gemstone has its own uniqueness
  33. Each Gemstone has its own unique and constant vibration, attraction or repulsion.
  34. Matching vibrations between the Person & Gemstones are the key to Success.
  35. Only then, through the selected Gemstone, the person can attract Success.
  36. Steady money, property accumulation, good health, better family life gets assured.
  37. Political Success, Power & Authority, Promotion, Growth etc., follows.
  38. Such Gemstones can only be selected by a few men of intuitive wisdom.
  39. Such men can precisely select the right Gemstones for honest successful seekers.
  40. Our Mission is to select and provide blemish free Gemstones to every Customer.
  41. At we select Gemstones based on Customer’s Vibration using photo.
  42. To achieve this has enlisted the exclusive guidance of "MindScope" .
  43. Dr. N Rajgopal has agreed to do "MindScope" and select the suitable Gemstones.
  44. Dr. N Rajgopal has over 30 Years of expertise and experience in "MindScope" .
  45. Thus, unique "MindScope" selection will benefit all customers.
  46. "MindScope" selection assures unfailing features for sure Success in Life.
  47. A positive psychological effect can be experienced by wearing the Gemstone.
  48. Happiness and grace would come on the wearer
  49. Would motivate the wearer to excel in the chosen field.
  50. In total, "MindScope" selected Gemstones would bring in Success to the wearer.

Gemstone - Logic or Wisdom, what if these 50 points could change your Life for better?