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Rag to Riches

rag to riches

No one on this earth wants to be poor. On the other hand every person wants to be rich and persistently makes all attempts to achieve something and become not only a rich person but also the richest. One can draw money from bank only when he or she has an account and enough money is also available in his/her account. There are also situations, to ease the financial crunch; we seek for overdraft which is a temporary loan to be paid immediately when some money is added to our account. This arrangement is enjoying something out of tomorrow’s anticipated earning.

 In Sanatana dharma or Hindu way of life we go beyond the present Life. Our knowledge and knowing is beyond this earth and always we talk about the other worlds. Even the abode of our protecting Gods Vishnu is Vaikuntha which is not on Earth. Similarly we talk of Indraloka, Brahmaloka etc.  We the humans on this earth trust there was a past before our birth and there is yet a future beyond the life after death.We are also governed by the karma theory which is cause and effect. Karma operates at all levels of manifestation, which include physical, psychic and spiritual. Karma affects all forms of creation, human, animal and also includes the divine beings. Karma neither punishes nor rewards; it is simply the one universal law which guides unerringly, blindly, all other laws productive of certain effects along the groups of their respective causation.

As we understand, karmas are three kinds; Sanchita, Prarabhdha and Agamika or Accumulated, allotted for enjoying at birth in this Life and to be enjoyed in future. Our seers assert that the totality of karma is a dynamic aggregate; it keeps on changing with addition and deletion with every action of the individual. It is also explained karma operates on individuals as well as on groups, social organisations and even on nations. The actual operation of karma takes into account the special circumstances of those on whom it operates, but it always aims at leading the individual to their ultimate destination. The action of the current birth is experienced in this life itself. The actions of the previous birth get decreased by experiencing it in this life. Astrologically it means the unfolding of destiny through repeated lives in this world. Therefore, the birth chart or their perfect horoscope is the most important imprint of the particular karma which the incarnating ego of the person has to experience during the present lifetime. The horoscope can also perfectly reflect the accumulated karmas of the person’s past life.

Therefore the poor condition or the rich status is more than something assumed to be related to the past life. Thus, a rich man or a poor creature is a result of karma but superficially appearing to be achieved by an individual when he or she becomes rich or otherwise. But who could decode your case through Astrology to see you are worth becoming a rich person by erasing your poor status or who could foresee your face value hidden behind your shadow?

For those who have respect for the divine science called Astrology or Jyotisha, will understand that our seers and sages who have rendered several classical thesis on this science have given certain combinations for being rich or becoming poor. Generally, rich is signified by second house which is the house of wealth. When the Pada lagna sign of the 7th house becomes a kendra or trikona or 2nd or 11th house of Pada lagna, the person will become rich. Benefic occupying his own house as the 2nd house from Pada lagna, the 2nd house lord from atmakaraka planet and their dispositor of atmakaraka get connected; one planet Jupiter, Venus or the lords of 1st or 2nd or 5th, 9th or 10th occupying the 7th degree of Vrischika sign; Jupiter or Venus exalted in 2nd house and Sun is placed in 3rd or 5th house from Moon and the combinations go on and on to describe whether a native will be rich or not.The experts also simultaneously give several combinations for lacking wealth or poverty condition. The lagna lord, if he is a benefic but placed in 7th house the native turns out to be a dispassionate or beggar or in rare conditions he also becomes a King. If the 8th lord occupies the 2nd house, the person will be poor or physically ill. In case, the planet Mars occupies the 2nd or the 4th house from the 9th lord who is in fall, the father of the native would be poor. If the 2nd lord is placed in the 12th house the native will be poor dependant on others and bereft of happiness from the eldest child. From Astrological point of view, like in the case of the rich, there are several planetary combinations for the poor conditions of the native. 

In modern era, goal oriented people or all the Management Gurus and psychologists speak of unlucky people tending to be more tensed. Anxiety disturbs the future or ability to concentrate and hence unlucky people miss the chances. They also stress that lucky people are relaxed, open, focussed and generate good future. Such people have distinctive characteristics such as becoming skilled; search opportunities, make lucky decisions by listening to their intuition and create a brand for themselves. Thus, the lucky people convert or transform unluck into luck. The experts also give hints or tips of becoming a lucky person such as to visualize being lucky person, always be open to out-of-box thinking, listening to one’s own gut instinct, thinking positive, spending time with successful people or think or recall those positive moments in life etc,.

Fine, all good advises are always welcome but those experts do not tell us how to bring energy into oneself. A person lacking colour in the being cannot think at all; where to think positive. Once the colour hunger engulfs us we virtually become demoralised and become almost a dead wood.

It is here the divine science of Astrology through MindScope gives us several clues, like a thorn has to be removed by a thorn; the colour hunger has to be rectified by colour hunger only. Or those invisible hurdles can be rectified through Vedic remedies and/or well selected natural Gemstones which also produce unseen energies and bring in visible change in life of a person affected by colour hunger. Thus, through remedies it is possible to borrow and take overdraft from the possible future life, but to do this we need a person with divine wisdom apart from complete knowledge on the science.