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Real Cases

The names and situations are changed to protect the identity of the clients

Treasure from Gems

During 1983 Dr. N Rajgopal came into contact with a person through one of his friends. The new friend Altaf was a poor Muslim, with several sisters and four brothers. He was studying in Bangalore staying in a hostel. His father was suspended from Govt. services for obvious reasons. It was a difficult situation for the family to meet the expenses without adequate income and they were living in a hand to mouth existence. His father was a committee member in a nearby mosque. He was in charge of lending vessels and furniture used on special occasions. Being a devout Muslim, he had his set of belief system and he could seek any remedy only within the acceptable parameters of his belief system. However, through rich friends circle, Altaf led a fancy life. The mother of Altaf was a very nice lady, who was aware of Dr. N Rajgopal's astute acumen in providing the much needed solace to the dire needs of the sufferers. Knowing of his clean life styles through austerities, she had lots of love and affection for him. Once, after the sad suspension of her husband, she was exchanging her woes with Dr. N Rajgopal. As Dr. N Rajgopal already knew of the forthcoming problems to the family, he suggested some ways of improving their prosperity through a particular remedy. As the father was not ready for a remedy, while mother was keen to have it, a particular MindScope selected Gemstone was given through her, to be placed beneath his pillow during the nights. After a few days, the father agreed to a previously suggested idea of starting a vessels lending business himself, which he had rejected earlier. To start with, he preferred to concentrate on those items which were not held by the mosque. As he found good income from this business, his wife slowly revealed about the specific Gemstone provided by Dr. N Rajgopal. Now the father readily agreed to go with the remedy of Dr. N Rajgopal. Thus a suitable remedy was provided, with the consent of the person. After a few days, he went on a purchasing spree of several second hand vessels from hotels etc., of nearby districts. One day he called a blacksmith to polish the vessels. It appears that during the digging of the back yard, to install the bellows for creating a fire to melt the tin and coat the vessels, the man struck on a treasure of gold. Quickly the blacksmith was sent back with heavy payment. The news was kept very secret, even with Dr. N Rajgopal. They had married off all the daughters in quick succession. They posed as though they earned through lending of vessels. As they became very rich, in order to dispel any suspicion amongst the people, they left the place. After a long gap of time, the mother of Altaf met Dr. N Rajgopal in a marriage function. She confessed having struck gold and requested him to protect the secrecy. She felt very sorry for the ungrateful approach of her family members towards Dr. N Rajgopal. Pleading helplessness before her husband and children, she begged for pardon from him. Dr. N Rajgopal wished her and her family to be happy, wherever they are. As of now Dr. N Rajgopal does not know the whereabouts of this family.

Marriage Hindrance

Once Dr. N Rajgopal's close relative brought a Muslim girl Nageena to his house with the problem - the girl was not getting married even with concentrated efforts from her parents. The girl was already in her late twenties. When Dr. N Rajgopal analyzed the case, the surprising revelation through MindScope was that her parents were the main hindrance to her marriage. Later enquiries with Nageena confirmed, although Nageena did not complain about her family members and the relatives. Only the innocent Nageena could not understand the hurdles in the form of her own close relatives. Her brother, with wife and five children to support, though had a good job was never interested in work and thus was a spent force in the family. Nageena's income was essential for the large family to survive. With this background, the parents and others were in some way or other scuttling all the proposals that came their way. Having understood the case, Dr. N Rajgopal prescribed a MindScope selected Gemstone to Nageena with an instruction to keep it in her possession away from the eyes of all concerned. Within a month's time, there were serious differences and Nageena was asked to go away from the house. She shifted to another nearby house to lead a lonely life. In a few days, another relative suggested that one of the proposals which she liked earlier and rejected obviously can be considered. Her response was in the affirmative and the marriage was celebrated within a short span. Finally, sinking their differences, her parents accepted the reality and took part in the wedding. Nageena's brother had become more responsible by joining duty and earning his due to take care of his family. Today, Nageena is very happy, amidst her husband and children.

Poverty to Crorepathi

Once, Dr. N Rajgopal and his wife were invited by their relative for function. Living close by was a relative of one of Dr. N Rajgopal's neighbourhood friends, Mr. Munne Gowda and his wife Vijaya Lakshmi. She happened to spot Dr. N Rajgopal and his wife and invited them to their Spartan home. They treated them nicely with some bought out eatables and tea. Vijaya Lakshmi was working in a University as staff but her husband was not having a very respectable job and hence, although toiling day in and day out, was not successful in making both ends meet. On request, a remedy was given to them in the form of a MindScope selected Gemstone and Yantra. In a matter of two years they earned in crores and were successful in building a huge house at their village as well in the city. Vijaya Lakshmi normally was seen with bare minimum ornaments, but later she could be spotted with variety of glittering gold ornaments on her. God alone knows how all these happened.

Professional Stagnation

a) Paramesh of Satyam Computers was a dejected man as he was slogging in a private company for over 12 hours daily without career prospects and growth. He faced a lot of difficulties and was in dire straits till he visited to Dr. N Rajgopal. That was it; he never looked back and was offered a plum post, which he never expected. Today he is married and leads a comfortable life at Wilson Garden. His foreign trip and training is in the offing. The remedy given was MindScope selected Gemstone and other remedies are planned in the near future. b) Lohit of Sanjay Nagar is another case. He had enough of low wages, night shifts and poor personal growth at a computer firm. Having had enough of working as an underdog, he decided to visit Dr. N Rajgopal to decode the message of the stars through MindScope . In three months, offers poured on him and finally he was dragged by a MNC bank, which paid him twice as much as the previous firm. He has also embarked on a special training cum project work for over two months in US. Today he plans to own a posh flat in R T Nagar and is to be married in a couple of months. The remedies include Gemstone, Metals, specific herbs, Yantra, Homa etc,

Gloom to Glory

Mousami of Ramamurthy Nagar was a picture of gloom and depressed when she visited Dr. N Rajgopal. Not able to consume the ill habits and slippery characters of her worthless lover she was in a total dejection. Taking advantage of her inability to share her woes with her relatives, her so called friends tried to cash in on her and spread a wide net to fix her in other problems. Not able to withstand such onslaught she was filled with feelings of despair and frequent suicide thoughts. After a couple of counseling sessions, suitable remedies etc., Mousami is now on her usual bubbly and effervescent self. She leads a decent and normal life. The remedies include Counseling, Gemstone, Mantra and Karmic healing.

BioChemic Clinic

Once a Bank Manager by name Rama Reddy, with several hidden agendas, visited Dr. N Rajgopal to seek his help and solve some problems. As Dr. N Rajgopal was also practicing Numerology, the person left his date of birth and photo. The person was more interested in knowing a variety of information about his future, like his line of profession, married life, possible business ventures etc, All these, without disclosing any clues about the person himself. Normally, Dr. N Rajgopal doesn't entertain persons seeking predictions. However, after analyzing the photo through MindScope the person was guided to take up social activities, medicine, vehicle financing etc., if he chooses to resign the job. Dr. N Rajgopal also asked Mr. Rama Reddy if he had any extra marital affairs with any women other than his wife. The person backed out and escaped without giving a clear-cut answer to Dr. N Rajgopal. Later he had to pay visits to Dr. N Rajgopal because of a more serious problem, which cropped up in the revelations. The problem was that the head of the household longevity could be terminated in a few months. Mr. Rama Reddy informed that he was the eldest male in his family, though he had an elder brother who was missing for years. During one of these visits the person also circumvented the "illicit liaison" problem but literally agreed having such a connection. He was suggested a suitable MindScope selected Gemstone remedy for escape from the threat of longevity, which was carried out by Mr. Rama Reddy. After a few months Mr. Rama Reddy returned. He was hale and healthy but was looking tensed. He reported that suddenly his elder brother returned home and he died in a mishap. His query was whether the remedy given by Dr. N Rajgopal has saved him by bringing back his elder brother missing for ages or what? God alone knows the answer. Today the person has resigned from the job as Bank Manager and is running a BioChemic Clinic, based on his qualification acquired while in job.

Motherhood to Meena

Mrs. Meena is a Post Graduate, now pursuing her MBA. She was married three years ago, but did not conceive. A couple of times what initially appeared to be pregnancy turned out to be a delayed menses! All the tests prescribed by the Gynaecologists were carried out. She had been taking several medicines as advised by the Gynecological specialists. But there has been no success in the case. In October 2005, she approached Dr. N Rajgopal at his Malleswaram consultation office through her mother. Based on MindScope analysis, she was given a Gemstone remedy and was asked to report after forty-one days, if no positive result is seen. She came back after two months with her mother and reported that the tests have confirmed her conception. She was given further remedies for the protection of the child and safe delivery and a male child was born to her in Sep'06. Meena must be living happily with her family and two children as she was pregnant for second time in August 2008.

Peculiar Family Problem Solved

Once a well placed business man Mr. Gowtham Chand met Dr. N Rajgopal in an official meeting. Looking at the colour of Gemstone he was wearing, Dr. N Rajgopal asked him that if life at home front was full of tension? The man broke down instantaneously and said he needs to have a discussion with him leisurely. That day evening, he invited Dr. N Rajgopal to join him for a dinner at Hotel Bangalore International. During the dinner, he enquired how Dr. N Rajgopal was able to diagnose his family problem. Certain Gemstones change colours, when the family health or family front of the wearer is not good. Certain Gems will stay on the fingers of the wearer, even when cracked or broken. These are some indications of burning problem connected with near and dear ones. Mr. Gowtham Chand then narrated his peculiar problems to Dr. N Rajgopal. ` He was the only son to his father. And he has three daughters. His wife had died long back. His father was a retired civil servant and was staying with him. His daughters were aged 20, 18 and 16 years. The old man developed illicit physical contact with two of the granddaughters. Subsequently coming to know of the incident, he got his two daughters married off. However, not only the affairs continued but the two girls were also gradually influencing their younger innocent sister to follow their path. The father wanted to solve the problem in a more dignified way. Knowing the crime of his father, Gowtham Chand could not take any drastic action against him as his father, happened to be a nice person. Also, as father he had supported him to come up to his present level of success.Later, based on the MindScope revelations, Dr. N Rajgopal gave him suitable Gemstone remedies. Within a few months, his last daughter also got married. The old man himself gave up his desires and went away to Haridwar never to return again.

Priya's Love Affairs

This case was a challenging one for Dr. N Rajgopal. The girl was from a well to do family. The father who brought the case was a top Executive in a Government Company. Priya was a brilliant and beautiful girl studying in pre-university or 10+2 Class. Unfortunately she fell in love with an uneducated school drop-out youth who was running a PCO booth in their neighbourhood. All pleas by the parents fell on deaf ears. Finally the father approached Dr. N Rajgopal. A MindScope selected Gemstone remedy was given. The affair broke and the girl voluntarily pursued her master's degree management at Pune. Today, Priya is married, has two kids and settled in Switzerland.

Shankar's Problem

Mr. Ravi was Dr. N Rajgopal's close friend. One day Ravi approached Dr. N Rajgopal with a problem of his uncle Shankar who was employed in Chandigarh. Shankar's work place was tormented by three of his colleagues; as a result his position in the firm was disturbed. A specific MindScope selected Gemstone remedy was prescribed and given. The problems soon settled down. All the three problem creators/trouble creators were transferred to long distance paving way to his professional growth. As of date Shankar moved up the organizational ladder to become a senior executive.

Sandhya's Marriage

Sandhya, a homely girl from Kerala, had slight hearing problem. Her marriage was finalized, but was cancelled for obvious reasons. Shocked parents were worried and approached Dr. N Rajgopal in February 2006. She was given suitable Gemstone remedy after MindScope analysis. Simple steps were also prescribed to her. Sandhya's marriage has now been finalized with another boy and the happy occasion of marriage materialized on 15th May 2006 at Kerala.

CET Entrance Results!!

One day the parents of a smart and handsome pre-university student visited Dr. N Rajgopal. They had come to know of Dr. N Rajgopal from some friends and decided to seek his help regarding their son's career. The boy's father was a Horticulture Scientist in Government of Karnataka. They wanted to know if their son would make it through the CET entrance, result of which was out, and be able to get admission into his most sought after career course. Dr. N Rajgopal analyzed the case and said the boy would get positive result on the course. The mother of the boy was surprised and sarcastically remarked "How can the boy who has scored less and who is interested more on body conscious and keeps prancing and preening in the front of the mirror get admission into CET?" At the time of analysis Dr. N Rajgopal was not even was aware of the CET result scored by the boy. A MindScope selected Gemstone was given as remedy. Two months later the parents knocked the doors with sweets and Bouquet to convey the happy news of their son's clearing CET and getting the much sought admission to the course. The parents reported that the victory for son was as a result of the then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee doubling the seats in all the colleges across the country.

Professional progress Achieved

Prathik was working in a Pharmaceutical company as safety officer. With quick decision taking abilities he was a man of action and fast results. The company was heirarchially moulded, delaying every decision. This never suited Prathik and he was not happy with his position and career growth. A suitable MindScope selected Gemstone given by Dr. N. Rajgopal did marvels in his career. He got a well paid job in B.A.S.F in Mangalore and then onto several companies occupying high positions in safety management. Today he has started his own consultancy and doing very well in his professional life.

C.A's Joy

Narayanan was a C.A by profession. Despite having additional qualification and certifications he did not get good portfolio. Today with help of MindScope selected Gemstone provided by Dr. N. Rajgopal he is occupying a very high post in Dubai.

Insurance dues remittance

Abdul Rehman though well placed in Saudi Arabia in a high position was not getting his dues of commission from insurance business properly. A suitable MindScope selected Gemstone ensured that the insurance company remitted his overdue charges directly to his Indian account. He invested this amount in Real estate and was able to multiply it manifold.

Property accumulation through Gemstone

Keshav was a landlord with ancestral property with no progress or production from land. He being the eldest with five younger brothers, the division of property would have been peanuts. He was also not well qualified and finding life miserable. He approached Dr. N. Rajgopal who gave him a MindScope selected Gemstone which did wonders in his life. He started accumulating property and has built several commercial properties yielding perennial source of rental income. Due to financial constraints he had mounted the Gemstone on a Silver ring. Later when Dr. N. Rajgopal met Keshav now a rich man, he enquired why not he mount the Gemstone now in Gold ring befitting his status, to which Keshav replied that even accidentally he does not wish to lose the Gemstone which gave him all that he has today.

Solution to Ranjit's dilemna

Ranjit was married to a beautiful lady and well positioned in corporate job. He was fond of his wife but she was not interested in conceiving a child and was forcing for divorce. Not reconciling to this fact, Ranjit approached Dr. N. Rajgopal. A suitable MindScope selected Gemstone not only changed the mind of Ranjit but ensured smooth divorce and remarriage with another beautiful lady. The life of Ranjit today is happy family life with wife, daughter and parents living together. Ranjit is in a very high position today.

Professional breakthrough

Dr. N. Rajgopal was helping a friend in setting up of his business and in the process was looking for ISO certification for the company. Among the few offers, a person who had good knowledge and technical background opened up with Dr. N. Rajgopal and expressed his unhappiness in not getting good assignments and also his independent certifying agency as not prospering. He wanted a special consultation in order to ease his professional and financial likely debacles. A suitable MindScope selected Gemstone ensured that the person not only got a good assignment but now he is able to earn a comfortable income.

Career leap for Junjanwalla

Junjanwalla was working in automobile company as G.M, but was not happy and was looking for better career growth. A MindScope selected Gemstone ensured that he was picked up by American Locomotive and appointed in a very high post.

Discovery of property

Mr. Solanki from granite exporting company contacted Dr. N. Rajgopal. After being given a MindScope selected Gemstone and based on advise, Mr. Solanki gave his residential property to his sister as per her long pending demand. During the demolition of the building while dispensing off a cupboard they found documents related to 18 acres of property purchased by their late father and not known to anyone since 15-20 years. A big infrastructure company was looking to buy this property as part of their mega project. The land was sold and the family of four got five crores each as share. In token of expressing gratitude Mr. Solanki came from Delhi and gave a 50 grams pure gold coin to Dr. N. Rajgopal.