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Selection of Gemstones

When Logics fail, Wisdom prevails.

We may be aware of the fact that in life situations we may attract certain things which others may reject or vice versa. Also, there are times when things that did not attract us initially despite being within our reach would seem attractive at a later date. It goes well with the saying that "There is an appointed time for everything and there is a time for every event under heaven” or that time has to ripen for better things to happen.

The nature in its wisdom plays a role and acts at the right time for a particular entity. In other words, when our needs are carried by our subtle feelings, we are drawn to focus and attract success that we are due to.

As long as we are connected to the eternal we do not need anything; in the sense that we do not need food, shelter, clothing, money, medicines, therapies, remedies, Gemstones etc., there will be no hunger, thirst, desire, needs etc., The nature in its own wisdom adjusts everything and provides at its own will and we live every part of our life through colour equilibrium provided by the Sun God.

On the contrary, the moment we feel that we are separated from the whole, we are into the logical human created time zone of the past and the future. Then we desire all that we see, know and hear or talk. Then what follows is the unfulfilled desire as dreams, plans, modified ideas etc. It is the first indication of colour hunger taking its birth. Failures are witnessed when this colour hunger is allowed over a prolonged period of time, un-attended and neglected, to pervade the whole being.

It is an established fact beyond doubts that wearing a suitable Gemstone in the correct finger provides quick relief to the wearer, replenishing the colour deficiency, mitigates the loss of colour and thus the thirst of colour hunger of that person is quenched. Once this happens the colour equilibrium is maintained within the whole being. Then what follows is the healthy, positive and confident lifestyle leading to fairly successful results in various fields of life. The flow of life energy rejuvenates the person and he or she is able to achieve success in various fields with ease and less efforts.

Selection of the right Gemstone is the most important aspect for success.....

Here, the selection of the right Gemstone, from amongst the heap of stocks that could be available, is the most important aspect for bringing equilibrium in the body constitution of the wearer leading to his or her success.

  • Selecting a Gemstone is a cumbersome and a complex issue, as a wrong selection would not help the wearer in any way
  • Each Gemstone, whether it is precious or semi precious, has its own vibration of attraction or repulsion constantly emitting from it over several years.
  • The Gemstones available in the market may be of high quality or may be highly valued, but its suitability is of more paramount importance than its cost.
  • A Gemstone suitable for one person may or may not suit another.
  • As every creation, name and form has its root in seven colours of Rainbow, which is the great cosmic light reservoir; all human beings, animals, trees, rivers, mountains and the like are also enveloped in the seven colours of the Rainbow.
  • Hence, Gemstones are to be selected based on the colour hunger of a particular person and not based on Rashi or Stars, as is widely believed and practiced.
  • Most of the Gemstones in the market are prescribed based on the crude theory of Rashi as RashiRatna or Star based selection as BirthStones, thus not passing the required criteria.
  • It is to be borne in mind that an unsuitable Gemstone is just a fancy ornament, not producing any result.
  • People wearing such Gemstones cannot enjoy any auspicious results from them.
  • The Gemstone would be selected based on the respective customer’s vibration, matching with the need of his or her colour hunger, aspirations and dreams as guided by MindScope .

A Gemstone selected through MindScope  takes care of these points and enriches its value to bring good luck.

Gemstones must pass through the matching vibrations.....

Apart from technical factors like Refractive Indices, Birefringence, Optic Character / Sign, Hardness, Specific Gravity, Crystal System, Habit, Lustre, Colour Range, Pleochroism, Cleavage, Fracture, Dispersion, Transparency, Class etc., a Gemstone must pass through the matching vibrations between the person wearing the Gemstone and the Gemstone itself. Only then, through the selected Gemstone, the person can attract success by means of steady flow of money, accumulation of property, good health, better family life, political or authoritative power, promotion, favours, growth etc., and ensure auspiciousness all-around Such Gemstones can only be selected by a few men of intuitive wisdom who can precisely select the right GEMSTONE for real Success seekers!! Gemstones selected by Dr. N Rajgopal through MindScope  are enhanced and enriched by these unique features, thus producing unfailing, sure success in life.

It is a testimony that Dr. N Rajgopal, with over 30 Years of expertise and experience in conceiving several workable remedies and selecting the right Gemstone, has achieved almost cent percent success in bringing people from rags to riches. With divine help and guidance of MindScope , people from all walks of life have rejuvenated their life to glory from a miserable and deteriorated condition.

Dr. N Rajgopal has utmost trust and confidence in the system of MindScope. He understands that a right Gemstone will say something which has not been said, express something inexpressible and will give the concerned person something which looks unachievable for him or her. His conviction is that a right Gemstone doesn’t deny anything but could transform everything for the person.

Our mission at is to do a blemish free selection and ensure reaching of the best Gemstone to our customers, which will be a Lifetime Solution.

In order to achieve this mission, has enlisted the exclusive guidance of Dr. N Rajgopal. He has consented to do MindScope and select the suitable Gemstone for every customer of