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Understanding the UNIVERSE

Tantra understands the whole world as a manifestation of Shakti or conscious energy. In Vedanta it is understood that the whole universe is Maya or illusion. We cannot just dismiss these understandings. If we go scientifically we will find that these are nothing but the truth.

Let us first see what science has to say about Universe. Scientists treated matter as dead building blocks, but later found that all matter in the Universe is made up of Atoms. The Atoms were further pierced and it was found that each atom is made up of Electrons, Protons and Neutrons. Protons (having positive electrical charge) and Neutrons (having no electric charge) making the nucleus of the Atom and the Electrons (having negative charge) encircle around the core. So the basis of matter is Atom. An Atom is an arrangement of Electrons and Protons. An Atom is basically a negative charge of electricity encircling a positive charge, that's all. There is no solid thing called matter. When energy condenses to form Electrons/Protons, we are introduced to matter. Hence there is nothing called matter in absolute terms. Energy behaving in a specific manner is taken as matter by us. It is similar to understanding of Tantra or Vedanta.

Energy is found in two forms, Static and Kinetic. However, the energy is always in Kinetic form, as Static is a relative term. There is nothing in the Universe which is not in motion.

Our Earth on which we think we are resting without movement is not the reality. We are subjected to numerous motions, some outward and some inward. The outward motions are

  1. Earth's tilted axis is moving, completing its one circle in 2,60,000 years (thus bringing ice-age)
  2. Earth is moving around its own axis completing one circle in about 24 hours, which we experience as day and night.
  3. Earth is moving around Sun completing one circle in 365.25 days, which we experience as one year.
  4. The Sun, along with its planets, is moving around the center of our Galaxy at the speed of 135 miles or 216 km per second and takes 225 million years to complete one rotation.
  5. Sun and its planets, along with all the matter in our galaxy are moving away from the centre of Universe in an expanding way.
  6. Whole universal system is encircling around the centre of the big bang.
  7. For the common man, the whole universe remains as though it is motionless.

Out of these 6 movements, we experience none as explained in the seventh. We, at the most, guess about 2 motions, through day and night and change of seasons.

Our Body and Brain receives thousands of messages.....

Now let us see our resting body. Even when we are at rest our blood circulates, our respirations continue, thousands of messages are delivered by our nervous system between various parts of the body and brain.

Our whole body is made up of molecules, which are in constant motion. Molecules are made of atoms. Electrons are encircling around protons at fierce speed (a little less than speed of light). Further the electrons are nothing but some photons encircling at a speed more than that of light. When an electron is broken, it emits photons, which we see as light.

Such tremendous motions in our so-called resting body with so many movements and so many energies working, but as a common man we are unaware of such movements

So our mind is continually vibrating and so are all the things in the Universe. A vibrating organ receives some signals from other vibrating energies and makes an incomplete and distorted idea about the reaction of both the vibrations, which are known as sound, light, heat, electricity and the whole universe around us.

It is to be understood that a Gemstone worn on the finger is also nothing but vibrating atoms through which light energy in the form of colour is received from other Universal energies and transmitted to the human body.