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WHAT-WHY-HOW of Gemstones

WHAT is a Gemstone?

A Gemstone is not a piece of ordinary stone, but an inexhaustible storehouse of COSMIC COLOUR RAYS. In modern Science, these seven Cosmic Colours are known as VIBGYOR. Different Cosmic Colours are concentrated in each Gemstone and it is possible to make use of these stored Cosmic Colours for the purpose of Medicine, Health, Wealth, Spiritual Elevation, Peace, Prosperity and for attaining Success in many ventures by an individual.

WHY do I need a Gemstone?

As long as we are filled with Light or Colours, we will be comfortable with everything. Energy flows ceaselessly and many things happen effortlessly. We do not feel the absence of many things in life. In this condition, our whole being will be in total harmony with the Cosmos as we are filled with, replenished, nourished and supported by Colours. Thus, by being filled with Colours, we are protected from many attacks or negativity. Many events bring in happiness, peace and tranquillity in and around us according to our liking and wish.

On the other hand, for obvious reasons of the nature, we fail to maintain this Colour equilibrium and are engulfed with Colour deficiency. Failures are witnessed when the Colour hunger is allowed to pervade the whole being. This is the first indication that Colour hunger has already taken its birth within us. We fail in our plans, drift in our expectations, our dreams gets shattered, our desires nosedive, fear grips us and a feeling of gloom surrounds us. Even our needs remain unfulfilled. At this stage, a well selected suitable Gemstone can play a pivotal role to retrieve and bring back cheers into our Life.

HOW can a Gemstone Rejuvenate My Life?

Gemstone works on the basis of Chromotherapy; it just absorbs and emits different Cosmic Colours. When we wear a well selected suitable Gemstone around our fingers, we allow different rays of Colours to fall on our fingers. As a result of absorption, Colour hunger is replenished and the whole being starts maintaining Colour equilibrium. Thus, we reactivate the flow of ceaseless energy in our whole being, motivating ourselves to excel and maximize our potential for Success in Life.